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The Wedding of Carly and Andrew

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For my latest blog post, I’ve decided to feature a wedding
I did hair and make-up for back in August; the wedding of Carly and Andrew at New Lanark Mill Hotel.

Carly originally contacted me back in November 2016, which in terms of wedding planning, is later than some to be arranging hair and makeup. Fortunately though, I still had her date free so I provided her with a quote and was delighted to receive an email a few days later saying she’d like to go ahead and book!

In 2017 there’s been a definite trend amongst my brides, in that quite a few of them don’t live in Scotland, but were coming here to get married. And Carly was one of them.

Hair and make-up by Sarah-Lou  Photography by Paul McGuigan Photography

Hair and make-up by Sarah-Lou
Photography by Paul McGuigan Photography

To be honest, this doesn’t pose any real problems to me, other than making sure I can fit the bride in for a trial around her schedule of when she’s going to be in the area. Or if she can’t make it here for a trial beforehand, ensuring I have a good idea of her requirements for the day.

First Meeting
I met with Carly in March for her hair and make-up trial, when she was here for the weekend on a wedding planning trip.  We discussed her ideas for hair and make-up and Carly was delighted with the look I created for her.  Even better, she got to show it off that evening as she was catching up with friends for dinner!

At the trial we also discussed hair and make-up styles she would like for the two bridesmaids, as since they both lived down south as well, it wasn’t possible for them to come to Glasgow for the trial.  But with a few email exchanges, some hair and makeup trials in their home town, and a few pictures later, I had a good idea of what the bridesmaids would both like for hair and make-up on the big day.

Hair and make-up by Sarah-Lou Photography by Paul McGuigan Photography

Hair and make-up by Sarah-Lou
Photography by Paul McGuigan Photography

The Big Day
It was an early start for me on that Sunday in August, as I had to be at New Lanark Mill Hotel for 8am to make sure I had plenty of time to get everyone ready.

As a mobile hair and make-up artist, I don’t always know exactly where I’m going to be getting a bride ready on her wedding morning, and can often find myself in less than spacious surroundings! But this definitely wasn’t the case at New Lanark.  They have a dedicated room for getting the bridal party ready, which is very aptly named ‘The VIB Suite’.  It most definitely has the WOW factor, and all of the little details have been thought of, such as fairy lights, dressing tables, hooks to hang the dresses, and anything else a bride could possibly need on her wedding morning.

The morning went by in a breeze and I had such fun getting all of the girls ready; Carly and her two bridesmaids, Jennifer and Komal; mother of the bride, Sheila; and mother of the groom, Dawn.

Before we knew it, it was 1:30pm, the girls were all looking gorgeous, and it was time for me to leave. I always love looking back at the transformation from when I arrive first thing in the morning, to the point when I leave and everyone’s excited for the day ahead. Carly and the girls were no exception!

After the Event

Hair and make-up by Sarah-Lou Photography by Paul McGuigan Photography

Hair and make-up by Sarah-Lou
Photography by Paul McGuigan Photography

I was delighted to hear from Carly before she went off on honeymoon a week later. I received a lovely email, thanking me again, and also enclosing some pictures from the professional photographer, Paul McGuigan Photography. I just love it when my brides send me on their professional pictures! It’s great seeing the way the photographer has captured the morning.

Thanks again Carly for choosing me to do your hair and make-up for your special day!

A day (or few!) in the life……

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As a bridal hair and make-up artist,
my life is consumed by all things wedding…… I literally eat, sleep and breathe weddings.  Especially at this time of year!

I appreciate this is not the norm for most people, and if you’re just starting to plan your wedding you may not have a clue where to start and what to expect when booking your hair and make-up artist.  So I’d like to take you on a little journey…..

In this blog post, I’m going to take you through a typical wedding booking with Sarah-Lou Beauty, right from the initial enquiry to the big day itself and beyond.

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Hair and make-up by Sarah-Lou

I’ve got mail
A booking would usually start with a phone call, email enquiry or Facebook message.  I’m a very busy lady but I know you’ll be eagerly awaiting my response, so I do my very best to answer all emails and messages within 24 hours (most of the time a lot quicker)!

I will always respond with my availability on your wedding day, full pricing information and an accurate quote on the services required including any travel charges involved, as well as answering any other specific questions asked.

If I don’t hear back from you after a couple of weeks, I will always send a quick follow up email.  I’m not being pushy, just want to make sure my email was received (and not landed in spam!) and you have all the info you need.

So you want to book?
Once you have confirmed you’re interested in booking, I will send over a copy of my contract for you to review and complete, as well as details for paying the all-important deposit – as soon as I have received both, the date will be reserved in my diary. Exciting!

Arranging the trial
Once your booking has been confirmed, you’ll want to start thinking about arranging your trial.  It’s entirely up to you when (and if!) you have a trial, although as a guide most brides would usually have theirs a couple of months before the wedding.  I do always recommend a trial for the bride, just so we know exactly what’s happening on the day and to make sure your chosen style of hair and make-up is both achievable and exactly what you’re looking for.  I would always advise getting your trial booked in the diary as soon you can, to make sure you can get the date you’re looking for.

bridal, hair, makeup

Hair and make-up by Sarah-Lou

The all-important trial
This is your chance to try out the hair and make-up look you had in mind and to make sure you’re happy with it.  I would encourage you to do a bit of research before the trial and look for styles you particularly like (or dislike).  Don’t worry if you’re still not completely sure when it comes to the trial, as I will chat through all options with you and advise on suitable hair and make-up styles, depending on a number of different factors.  Once you are completely happy with your hair and make-up, I will take pictures and keep notes of all products used so I can refer back to on the wedding day.

Always on hand
After the trial, I generally won’t have any need to contact you until nearer the big day. But that doesn’t mean you can’t contact me!  If you have any questions at all (no matter how daft you think they are), I’m always at the end of the phone, email, Facebook message etc so please just get in touch and I’ll be happy to help!

Run up to the big day
A week or two before your big day I’ll be in touch to re-confirm all details with you including the date, time, number of people for hair and make-up, and final balance due on the day.  This will give us both peace of mind that we know exactly what’s happening and when!

bridal, hair, makeup

Hair and make-up by Sarah-Lou

On the day
A wedding day for me will often involve an early start, and depending on how far I’m travelling, can see me setting off as early as 5am!  Hair and make-up usually starts any time from 7am, but don’t panic if you think that’s very early to have your hair and make-up done! I’m more than happy for you to dictate the order that everyone goes in, but with an early start like that I would usually advise beginning with hair.  That way I can curl and set hairs and start with that side of things, before moving on to make-up later in the morning.  More often than not a bride will want to go last and that’s no problem at all.  I would however advise with large parties that the bride goes second last, just so there’s plenty of time for her to get her dress on once her hair and make-up are finished.

I say this so many times, but I absolutely love being a part of a bride’s wedding morning and I like to think of myself as more of a friend than a supplier on your wedding day! I spend a good few hours with you, and try my best to have a calming effect and help turn your nerves into excitement for the day ahead!

After the big day
Now that your wedding day is a distant memory and you’ve returned from honeymoon, you can expect an email from me to follow up and invite you to take part in my customer feedback survey.  I’ve tried to keep this short and sweet as appreciate you don’t want to spend ages filling in forms!  It’s really just a few questions so I can make sure everything was OK for you, and invite you to make any suggestions on how I might improve the service for future brides!

Hopefully this post has given you an insight into what your hair and make-up booking with Sarah-Lou Beauty will involve and has helped to answer any initial questions you may have before and after you book.  Happy wedding planning!!