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The Finishing Touches!

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I’m sure most of you will know that, as well as hair styling and makeup, I also offer a full range of beauty treatments, from nails, massages and waxing to eyelash extensions, facials and spray tans.

As well as being able to offer a full range of services to my regular clients, including hair and makeup for those special occasions, it’s also great news for my brides-to-be! It means I’m not only there to make sure they look a million dollars on the big day, but I can also help with their all-important beautifying (and relaxation!) in the run up to the wedding day.

So, what better subject for my latest blog post than my tips and advice on your pre-wedding beauty treatments!

Spray tan, hair and makeup by Sarah-Lou

Spray tan, hair and makeup by Sarah-Lou

Spray Tan:
So many brides are unsure whether to get a spray tan for their wedding day, but if you’re thinking about it, then I would definitely advise getting at least one trial tan before your wedding day. If you don’t regularly tan then you won’t know what it will look like and when the best time to have it done would be. Some people like their tan best the day after it’s been done, whereas others prefer it after 2 or 3 days.

Here’s my tips for achieving the best possible tan, and for ensuring it’s a long-lasting and even colour: Exfoliate thoroughly 48 hours beforehand, and shave/wax no later than 24 hours beforehand to give skin time to recover and pores time to close. Moisturise thoroughly the day/night before to provide a good skin base for the tan. Make sure you do not have any lotions, perfumes, oils or deodorants on your skin before the tan, as these will act as a barrier. Wear dark/loose clothing after your tan and ensure arms/legs are fully covered. Overnight tan can be showered off the next morning, or rapid developing tan can be showered off in as little as 1 to 3 hours.

bridal nails, bridal glitter

Nails by Sarah-Lou

What bride wouldn’t want her nails done!? You’ve got a lovely new ring to show off so everyone’s going to be looking at your nails, and not to mention the photos too. Even if you don’t regularly have your nails done, why not opt for a basic file and polish with CND’s long-lasting Vinylux nail polish (lasts up to 7 days). And for those who want something a bit longer lasting (think honeymoon!) I can offer Shellac on natural nails, or gel extensions. So many gorgeous designs available for bridal nails.

Eyelash Extensions:
Any kind of eyelash extension will add that finishing touch to your bridal makeup. Strip lashes are included in the price of all of my makeup applications, although many brides choose something a bit more permanent….. again, think honeymoon! Semi-permanent eyelashes will last between 2-4 weeks before they require infilling so are a perfect option for not only your wedding day, but also for the honeymoon too.

Another long-lasting beauty treatment that’s great for your wedding day and honeymoon too….. from underarms, to legs and bikini line. Before getting waxed you need to make sure you have at least ¼ inch (2 weeks) of hair growth, otherwise waxing won’t be as effective. The day before, exfoliate your skin thoroughly to remove dead skin and free any trapped hairs.  If you’re having a spray tan, make sure and wax at least 24 hours beforehand.

bridal lashes, semi permanent lashes

Semi-permanent lashes by Sarah-Lou

Massage and Facials
With so much involved in the planning of a wedding, particularly in the final few weeks, brides can often find themselves getting very stressed. What better way to relax and unwind with a massage or a facial.  Why not involve your bridesmaids too and turn it into a pamper evening, or even better incorporate it into your hen party plans!

Whatever you choose for your pre-wedding beauty treatments, if it’s not a regular treatment for you, or you’re unsure of the look you want, make sure you’ve got your trials booked well in advance. A couple of days before your wedding definitely isn’t when you want to discover you don’t like the colour of your spray tan, or your nails aren’t what you had in mind! I know I always say it, but don’t be tempted to skip the trials!