Prom time!

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Is it really almost September? It’s only now that I’ve stopped to breathe I’ve realised my blog has been a little neglected over the last couple of months.

I’ve had an amazingly busy summer, and looking back through all the weddings, proms and beautifying, there’s one particularly special client that stood out for me this year……. My daughter Millie!

prom hair and makeup

Hair and makeup by Sarah-Lou

It was Millie’s last year of primary school this year, which could only mean one thing…. Prom time!

I’ve done quite a few prom hair and makeups over the years, both for high school and primary school. But while I always find the primary school proms exciting, I also find them just that tiny bit more challenging than high school proms. Why? It’s all about getting the balance right between them not yet being a fully-grown woman, but no longer being a child, and still delivering what the client (and mum!) wants.  And I found this especially challenging with my own daughter!

I really had to take a step back for this one. I had to listen to what my daughter was asking for, yet still keep my mum-head on and apply a bit of common-sense. Millie’s very head-strong and knows what she wants, but thankfully she trusted my judgement and in the end, it turned out our views weren’t so far apart after all.

Nails glitter shellac

Glitter Shellac nails by Sarah-Lou

I honestly think Millie and her friends had been planning their prom outfits since halfway through primary school! When we started talking dresses and shoes Millie straight away said she wanted to wear Converse, which I thought was a great idea! And when she chose silver sparkly Converse, I knew the perfect nails to match.  I’m not overly keen on children having nail enhancements (my own personal opinion), but for her prom I decided to compromise and do Shellac for Millie, which she was very chuffed about. She was a bit unsure of my suggestion of silver glitter to match her Converse, but we went with it and she was delighted with the results.

prom hair

Hair by Sarah-Lou

Like me, Millie has exceptionally thick hair, so whatever style we went with would really have to stand up to the test! I suggested that, since it was the middle of June and they were going to be Ceilidh dancing, it was probably a better idea to have an updo and Millie agreed 100%. She was quite happy when I suggested a braided bun-style updo, and in fact was happy just to wait until the day without having a trial beforehand. When prom day arrived, she was over the moon with the look I created for her.

This is the part I found particularly challenging. Makeup is such a big thing for girls these days, even as young as Primary 7. When I first started thinking about what to do for

prom hair and makeup

Hair and makeup by Sarah-Lou

Millie’s makeup, I worried it would be difficult to strike a balance between my own views on how much makeup she should wear, and what I thought Millie herself might want. Fortunately, I found that when we actually started discussing it, we both had similar ideas on a makeup look that would work. And I hope you’ll agree, we got it spot on.

I had such a fun time doing Millie’s hair and makeup for her prom…. Only another 6 years until her high school prom. Oh, and before that I’ll have my youngest daughter Mia’s Primary school prom too…… I just love being a mum of girls!

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